Kung-Fu Panda

Action video game based upon the animated movie

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Kung Fu Panda lets you play as Po and the other characters from the hit animated film. The movie tells the story of a large panda tasked with saving the day. Though others think he doesn't have what it takes to be a Kung Fu master, he learns from his friends and those he trusts that he can do it all. The film had a good message for kids and teaches them that what's inside matters more than what is on the outside. Both kids and adults will have fun playing the computer game.

Also released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and other gaming consoles, the computer game offers many of the same features and elements found in those games. It features 13 different levels that let you further explore the world found in the film. While the movie only showed you the interiors and exteriors of a few buildings, the game lets you wander around inside most of those buildings and the surrounding world. Some levels even take players into water worlds and sky levels that force them to use some of the skills and techniques they picked up earlier in the game.

Though designed for kids, younger children will have some problems with Kung Fu Panda. They might find that they get stuck on some levels and need help from adults. Even adults may have some problems with the higher levels. Unlike other games based on movies, this one doesn't seem to stick with a specific market. Though it's too hard for younger players, some of the higher levels are too boring and repetitive for older players. Many players reported problems with the sky and air levels and complained that the game didn't respond to the controls they used.

Early in the game, players learn how to use some of Po's classic moves, but the game then asks users to play as different characters from the film. Though you learn each of their special moves, remembering how to do those moves later is sometimes hard. You might go back to one character after several levels and find that you aren't sure how to make that character attack or jump.

This game features three ways to play. After playing through the game on your own, you can go into cooperative play or multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode lets you and another player control two different characters and move through the levels together. Cooperative lets you and another player enter worlds and play missions that you cannot play on your own. With multiple ways to play, Kung Fu Panda is a great family game.


  • Lets players explore the world seen in the film.
  • Uses many of the same characters and voice actors who appeared in the film.
  • Offers 13 levels of play in different worlds featured in the movie.


  • Levels are sometimes boring and repetitive.
  • Too hard for some of the younger fans of the film.
  • Characters don't always respond to movements or pause before responding.

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